Day 9 at Putney


Today was just a typical Monday. First I had English where the class is learning how to rant, then there was assembly where each dorm participated in the Oreo challenge. (I’m not quite sure how to describe it but I’m sure you can look it up youtube) then afterwards I had a Music intensive, where the class mainly worked on their essays, Cailan, however, did take is into the Putney g store to get lunch. Then we came back and I had History of the Modern World. We basically talked about political animals the whole time. Then I had yoga, which is always so fun and very relaxing. However, today was a lot harder then the last class. Afterward I had the rest of the afternoon free so a few of my roommates and I went to the basketball game because their team is in the playoffs, which is super exciting. We won 66 to 10, which I super cool ! After the game we ate dinner and came back to the dorm so I can get ready for my evening activity which was photography. I only develops to good photos because I couldn’t get the exposure on one of my pictures correct, but it eventually worked, and looked great !


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